Thursday, October 1, 2009

September's Report of One Good Thing

My goal is to do one good thing each day towards becoming a healthier, happier me.

*9-1-09 Can't believe it is already September. Where did the summer go? After a stressful day at work and coming home to do the bills, I relaxed tonight by vegging out in front of the TV. Sometimes doing not much of anything is a good thing.
*9-2-09 Days like today are why I love my job. As I was walking into school after morning duty, I noticed a young kid with a backpack heading away from the building. I asked where he was going. He said his teacher told him to line up out front. I told him that's right, but when there are no kids left outside he needs to just go in the building and walk to his class. He told me again how he was told to line up out front. I took him inside and watched him walk down to his classroom. I had to laugh. After all, he was following the teacher's rules. BUT, if I hadn't stopped him, he probably would have started wandering around the neighborhood. So, that was kind of like my little good deed of the day.
*9-3-09 Not only does writing help me stay focused on what I need to be doing to achieve my weight loss goals, but reading about others' success is a big motivator, too. I got off work early today because I have to go back later this evening for Back to School Night. So, I have taken this extra time I have at home to get caught up on my blog reading.
*9-4-09 Cuddled with hubby on the couch this evening while watching Barbra Streisand's TV show from 1965, Color Me Barbra. I love good music and had forgotten how wonderful Barbra really is. Very relaxing!
*9-5-09 Have spent the entire morning cleaning the living room, dining room, kitchen, and the dog's kennel. It feels so good having a clean home. Started burning some orange spice in my Scentsy. Now my home smells GREAT, too!
*9-6-09 Sunday afternoons seem to be perfect for napping, so that's what I did today. Actually, felt really good. Also, in church today I learned that sometimes we have to allow others to serve us. That is something that is hard for many to do. So, after my nap I allowed my husband to serve me by giving me one of his famous back rubs. LOL It was heavenly!
*9-7-09 Took advantage of this extra day off by walking in my favorite park with my pup. It had been weeks since we went on a walk, and pup went crazy when she saw me put on my walking shoes. She pretty much pulled me around the trail because she was so excited! The morning was cloudy and windy with cool temperatures which was perfect for walking.
*9-8-09 I called my youngest daughter this evening. Had a good chat. Love talking with my kids when I get the chance. With all three of them in college, now, they are often times quite hard to get a hold of.
*9-9-09 I went to the dentist today after 4 1/2 years! Luckily, I have always had pretty healthy teeth. He found only one small cavity which I will have filled in October.
*9-10-09 Don't always take the time to iron my clothes. Usually they don't need it, but this morning my shirt was pretty wrinkly. I ironed it so I wouldn't look too bad at work. Always feels good to wear pressed clothes. Then this evening my pup decided to chew the plug off of the iron's cord! Couldn't believe it! I spent $50 on that iron just a few months ago. Guess I will have to wear a wrinkled dress to work tomorrow.
*9-11-09 It's been eight years since that horrible day when so many innocent people lost their lives. I have spent part of today remembering some of the good that came out of that tragedy. For awhile differences were overlooked and we came together as Americans. For me personally, that day inspired me to take the steps I needed to to get out of a really, really bad marriage. It was the beginning of my journey to take better care of myself.
*9-12-09 This morning I went and had a mammogram. It had been about 2 1/2 years since my last one. Not the funnest thing to do, but it an important screening to have as a woman. The tech said she didn't see anything of concern, but the radiologist will look things over on Monday. Hopefully, the letter I receive in the mail in a couple of weeks will say all is well.
*9-13-09 Was feeling pretty wiped out yesterday and was afraid I was trying to get sick, so I am spending today at home doing nothing. I've already taken a morning nap and spent some time reading. The rest of the day should be more napping, phone calls to loved ones, maybe some cross-stitching, and some TV watching this evening.
*9-14-09 For the better part of today I didn't feel very well. I did eat on program through my afternoon snack.
*9-15-09 Today was a big day! It was the season premiere of season 8 of The Biggest Loser. This is my favorite show! I watched it with tears in my eyes as I can personally relate to so many of the contestants' stories. I wish they all could win, and they do if they lose weight and take care of themselves.

Spent the second half of the month dealing with my sinus and ear infections. I am feeling much better, but am still somewhat congested and have a cough. At least my energy has returned. Now, I just need my motivation back.

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