Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Well, I finally made it through an entire day this summer making good, healthy eating choices! Hooray for me! I feel like I am now on my way. I always think in my mind, "If I can just get through this first day, then I will be fine." I'm through that first day now! Next step . . . making it through the first week.

I started out my day with a weigh-in. I hated having to face the scale, but if I am going to be successful and beat this beast once-and-for-all, then I have to be honest with myself about my weight and the damage all of my excessive eating over the past several months has done. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't weigh quite as much as I had thought I would. I was sure I would have gone over 300 pounds again, but I didn't. I was close, but I'm still in the 200's!

I also made sure that I got to the grocery store today so that my kitchen would be stocked with healthy food options. I actually enjoyed shopping for the first time in quite awhile. There is something to be said for knowing you are doing what you should be. It just makes you feel happy!


  1. You can do it....good to hear you had a good summer's day!!

  2. Good for you...You can do it once and for all..beat the beast!! Look foward to following your journey as you do!!
    good luck friend,

  3. Congratulations not seeing that dreaded three again, and for all the wonderful choices you have made! It will become second nature to you again, and you will win!
    Its all about one step at a time, isn't it?
    Keep up the great job!


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