Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Food Tastes Best When . . .

Food always seems to taste best to me when . . .

*I'm eating healthy and taking care of myself.

*it is made from scratch at home in my little kitchen.

*I concentrate on what I am eating instead of mindlessly eating everything in sight.

*I have planned my meals in advance and I'm looking forward to each one.

*I slow down and enjoy every bite.

*I sit at the dining room table to eat.

*the correct portion has been placed on my plate and all left-overs have been portioned out into individual plastic containers for the freezer.

*I have used the freshest, non-processed ingredients I can to make the meal.

*I'm not full or hungry but have eaten enough to be satisfied.

*I'm eating with family and friends.


  1. Excellent Post and you are sooo right!!
    loved it!!

  2. I have to agree with all the above!!!!

  3. Wonderful list and oh, so true.


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