Thursday, August 13, 2009

What is it About Cookie Dough?

What is it about cookie dough that makes me think I have to eat it over and over again? I know cookie dough is one of my food addictions. Sometimes I just get it into my head that I have to have some, so off to the grocery store I go to by some Pillsbury Chocolate Chip cookie dough. You know the kind in the blue package with the dough already formed into perfect little bite-sized circles! It may be a memory floating back into my conscientiousness from childhood of licking the beaters when my mom baked homemade chocolate chip cookies that makes the dough so appealing. Or, maybe I just love the feel of that soft dough and the crunch of the mini chocolate chips in my mouth when I bite into one. All I know for sure is that I can't ever eat just one, and once I get started it is sooooooo hard to stop eating the dough day after day after day.

A couple of days ago I was grocery shopping and stood in Wal-Mart next to the cookie dough display for what seemed like an eternity debating whether or not I was going to put a couple of packages in my cart. I am proud to say that I overcame the temptation and walked away without getting any. I knew I had to put an end to this current obsession with cookie dough and this was the first step.

Yesterday, my husband got home from work and called out, "Honey, I got you a treat. Some CD!" I respond, "You bought me a CD?" He says, "No, some cd - cookie dough!" Arghhhhh!

So now I have been eating from this package of cookie dough my husband so lovingly, or so he thought, bought for me. When it is gone, though, that will be it. I can't have cookie dough in the house anymore!


  1. I want some cookie dough. I love it too. It is better than a baked cookie in my opinion.

    Husbands. Sometimes they just don;t know what they are doing to you. If you do not want to finish the cd (that is funny, by the way) you could always put it in the freezer.

    I know it may still beckon you but it is harder to hear in there.

  2. I agree completely. Cookie dough is much better than a baked cookie. Freezing it is also a good idea, but I think at this point I just need to get it out of my house one and for all.

  3. I used to love cookie dough, but after getting sick a few times (and losing 150 pounds) I resist.

    When I started my journey, I had to get rid of all those kinds of foods, because I just couldn't resist them. I'm impressed that you resisted at the store. That is wonderful!!


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