Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Healthy Kitchen Must Have . . . a Digital Food Scale

I have been receiving hungry-girl.com newsletters via email for several weeks now. In one of the first newsletters I read, was a list of five items you must have in your kitchen. One of the items on the list was a digital food scale. Hungry-girl had a link to the one she uses in her kitchen, but it was $99 (a bit too pricey for me), so I began an online search for a cheaper model. I was able to find several brands and models to choose from from many different stores. I ended up going with a Salter for $39.99 (plus I used my coupon of 20% off) at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

I absolutely love my digital scale. It does all of the things I wanted it to. It has measurements in grams and ounces. It can weigh items up to 11 lbs/5 kg. It has a zero reset button so that if you are placing a number of different items into a bowl to be combined, you don't have to weigh each item separately. You weigh the first item, hit the zero button, and add the next item and it will give you the weight just for the latest item added. It is small enough to just sit out on my kitchen counter for easy access. And, it is stainless steel in color which matches my other appliances.

Before buying this new scale, I had been using my old Weight Watcher's scale that I had bought ions ago. This scale was your typical spring loaded one that you had to manually adjust to zero every time you weighed anything. It just had a little line next to the measurement strip that moved up and down and was kind of hard to read. Every time I used it, I was worried my food wasn't being accurately weighed.

An interesting thing I have discovered about my new scale is that my measuring cups aren't exact. In fact they are slightly too big. Now, whenever I can, I use my scale to do the measurement for me. My serving sizes have become a tad bit smaller using this scale, but that's okay. I would rather be accurate and eat a tiny bit less, than think I am eating right when in actuality I am eating more than I should. All of those tiny over measurements add up and could eventually show up on me when I weigh myself. And, I DON'T want that to happen.


  1. I LOVE Hungry Girl! When I read her entry, I ordered the same scale she uses, it was only $25! I love it. I use it for so much, and it really puts serving sizes in perspective!

  2. I used to have one of the regular ones (not digital) but one of my little kids broke it.

    I think I'd probably use it mostly for recipes that measure things in grams rather than cups.

    That's interesting that your measuring cups are a bit off! That would explain why sometimes my recipes don't turn out exactly right!

  3. interesting. I need to get a scale of some sort and start measuring better.

  4. WOW love the new scale...I need one of those!! yes it is better to have to little than to much when weighing the food...you are doing great and such an inspiration to me!!

  5. Great article . Will definitely copy it to my website.


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