Friday, August 21, 2009

Vision Board Challenge

As I mentioned yesterday, I accepted a challenge from Operation Fat Blaster to create a vision board. The steps to complete this mission were

1. Write an acrostic poem using your name and qualities you aspire to.
2. Find pictures that represent those qualities.
3. Place your poem and pictures on a board.
4. Leave a prominent spot for a 4x6" picture. More info will be coming later on the picture.
5. Display your board somewhere in your home and take a picture of it.

I am happy to report that I have completed the challenge for the most part. The poem was completed yesterday (see my previous post), pictures were added to the poem and printed out this afternoon, a paper frame was made for the future picture of me, and pictures were taken. There was one snag I ran into, however. Instead of using a posterboard for my project, I decided to use a corkboard. I bought one that had a maple colored frame at Wal-mart. I wanted a white frame, but figured it would be no problem to paint it white. Unfortunately, I have spent the afternoon painting coat after coat on the board's frame and it still needs one more coat. So, everything is ready except the board. Tonight is the deadline, so I wanted to at least post what I had done.

My Poem

Poem and frame positioned on fabric background that will be mounted to the board.

Corkboard with almost finished white frame.

I actually loved doing this challenge. Not only did it allow me time to reflect on some qualities I want to develop in my life, but it gave me the chance to do something crafty and creative.

I am going to hang my board in my newly remodeled craft room where I will be able to see it every day.


  1. What a cute board! You must be the creative type! I'm so glad that you are finding looking inside yourself so helpful. I know I did on my journey.

  2. Oh I LOVE your board - its beautiful! Its making me wish I had taken on the challenge, but I didn't (laziness).
    I also think its fabulous that you are going to display it because everyone needs to be reminded sometimes just how wonderful they truly are!!

  3. It's beautiful! You did a great job on it, and that frame will be ready soon, I'm sure

  4. Good job! I am not nearly as creative as you are! I am making an Inspiration Board for my bedroom with old framing, etc, but its a work in progress and will have not only weight loss inspiration, but other things I love as well. Ill post a pic when I finish.

    Make sure to post a pic of it when you complete it!

  5. Wow! You went above and beyond with the corkboard! I totally just taped a bunch of black 8x10 paper together! LOL!!!

    Great job! I love the "Luscious Lady"!! :)

  6. Well aren't you a little Martha Stewart? Impressive. It looks really good. A quality vision board for a quality vision. Love it!

  7. Thank you all for the lovely comments about my vision board. I really did have fun putting it together. I will post a final picture when it is done in the next day or so.


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