Monday, August 24, 2009

Just Maybe I Finally Learned Something

I am happy to report that after my major slip-up on Saturday, I have been back on my program for two straight days. I'm feeling that maybe after all of these years of up and down dieting I may have finally learned that one bump in the road doesn't need to equate to days, weeks, or months of being off course. I can turn myself around and be right back on track the very next day.

This is a pretty big milestone for me, and I'm thrilled to have gotten to this place in my journey to better health.


  1. It is wonderful thing you have learned. I think we all have to learn this lesson when we start on our weight-loss journey.

  2. good lesson, takes us forever to learn this hey!!

    Am off to SA saying goodbye till 11 October - will be reading via a feedreader but not commenting as internet is so expensive there...will keep my blog updated as much as possible as well.

    Take care and keep to your program..MAKE YOURSELF PROUD :)

  3. Good for you I am so excited to follow your journey to where ever you want to be!!!

  4. Yes! Good for you! I'm learning the same exact lesson lately.


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